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    This is my first photoshoot and I’m kind of nervous.

    No worries! I have been there. I have some advice for you for every step of the photoshoot: before, during and after.
    If you are unsure of what you want, we can figure it out together.
    If you are scared on posing, just know that I am here to give you tricks and to make you confortable.

    What should I wear?

    If you are the model, I suggest you come to me before the shooting to agree on what you should and want to wear during the photo session. Usually, avoiding clothes containing a lot of forms and colours is an advice I would give. However, it may not be always relevant. It will depend on the type of shooting you want.

    How many pictures will I receive?

    It will all depends on what you want. When contacting me, do not hesitate to explain what you would like. I then will come back to you with a proposition I find adapted to your need. We can then adapt depending on your feedback.

    Are you available outside of Munich?

    Yes I can be. For any specific demand elsewhere than Munich, do not forget to specify your location when contacting me. I will be happy to come back to you and see what we can do together. In case I cannot go to you, then I may know another photographer who can.

    Do you do couples photography?

    Of course! I love capturing the complicity while creating a new art piece that you and your beloved will be able to keep and enjoy looking at together.

    Can you recommend any professionals?

    I have the contact of some make-up artists and hair dressers for example. I also can recommend you painters I deeply love. It depends on what kind of recommendation you want.
    Try me. 😉
    I may be able to help you.